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We are Fooditude, the UK’s most people focussed caterer. Our corporate catering for events feeds company culture; by ensuring staff are happy, healthy and ready to thrive.

Our team ingrains quality in everything they do, starting in the kitchen. Our chefs cook from scratch with fresh ingredients and write our menus according to the seasons. Many of our ingredients are local and organic. The result? Food that gets teams talking.


£11.00 per person

Mini Danish selection V

Sweet breakfast pot (GF, V and VE available)

Fruit platter VE GF

£13.50 per person

Mini Danish selection V

Mini cheese & ham croissant

Ciabatta filled with avocado, slow roast tomato, vegan feta VE GF

Choice of sweet breakfast pots (GFV and VE available)

Fruit platter VE GF

£16.50 per person

A choice of smoothie VE GF 

Bagel with smoked salmon, lemon & dill cream cheese, baby capers and watercress

Muffin with Dingley Dell crispy bacon, slow roast tomato, watercress

Bagel filled with spicy avocado cream, organic soft-boiled egg, watercress V  

Vegan croissant filled with basil pesto, fresh cherry tomato, vegan feta and basil cress VE

Fruit platter VE GF 

£13.50 per person

Served with a choice of sauces and toppings, both sweet and savoury. 



Vegan sausage VE
Vegan bacon VE 
Crispy smokey bacon GF
Spiced slow-roast tomatoes VE GF
Grilled mushrooms VE GF


Miso & maple butterscotch sauce V GF
Bitter chocolate sauce V GF
Blueberry compote VE GF
Chopped fruits VE GF
Fresh berries VE GF
Vanilla creme fraiche V GF
Vegan whipped cream VE GF
Sweet seed & nut dukkha VE GF

Sweet pot

£5 each

Overnight oats, fresh berries, agave & crushed pistachios VE GF

Tropical smoothie, chopped mango & toasted coconut  VE GF

Greek yoghurt, green granola, honey & roast figs V

Coconut yoghurt with chocolate granola & blueberry compote VE GF

Chocolate chia pudding, vegan whipped cream, sweet seed & nut dukkha VE GF

Savoury pot

 £5 each

Crushed avocado, organic soft boil egg, smoked salmon and bagel chips 

Smashed smoky aubergine, slow roast tomato, basil & rye toast VE

Herb fava bean hummus, marinated olives, extra virgin olive oil and melba toast VE GF

Hot sandwiches

£6 each
Minimum order of 30 is required. Additional cost: A chef will be required to cover 30+ people. An additional second chef will be required for groups larger than 50.

Sausage patties, lettuce, tomato and ketchup slider (GF available)

English muffin with smoked salmon, organic poached egg, hollandaise sauce and chives 

Bagel with soft-boiled egg, spicy avocado, smoked paprika and cress on poppy seed V

Bagel with sausage, smoked cheese, scrambled “eggs” VE


£4 per person
Here are a few examples of what we can do: 

Strawberry & acai VE GF
Pina colada smoothies VE GF
Chocolate and banana VE GF
Green spirulina VE GF

Smoothie Bowls

Our smoothie bowls follow the same examples as our smoothies, topped with a variety of fruits, seeds, and granola. 

£5.50 per person

Minimum order of 30 is required. The cost of the chef on-site is charged as extra.

Selection of Danish pastries

Includes: croissant, pain au chocolat, maple pecan plait, cinnamon swirl

£3.60 per person V

Fruit platter

A selection of seasonal prepared fruits

£3.60 per person  VE GF



All our 'Feed the meeting' lunches include a treat and a fruit platter.

The sandwich menu is rotated every week and changes with the season.

View examples of our Deli Sandwiches here

Option 1

£13.75 per person

A choice of four types of freshly made Deli Sandwiches (GF available).

Option 2

£18.00 per person

A choice of two types of freshly made Deli Sandwiches (GF available). As well as two selections from either finger food or special salads.

Option 3

£21.50 per person

A choice of four options from the finger food or salad menus.


We create a range of seasonal salads throughout the year. An additional salad costs £5.00 per person.


GF options available for all salads 

Caesar Salad (V or VE available)
Baby gem, shaved parmesan, rosemary croutons, boiled egg, homemade Caesar dressing

Pasta salad (V or VE available)
Orzo pasta, sun blushed yellow and red cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, pesto dressing 

Pearl barley salad (V or VE available)
Pearl barley, carrot, rocket, fresh tomatoes, toasted almond, shaved Parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette 

Middle Eastern sweet potato salad VE
Sweet potatoes, dried cranberry, fresh herbs, Middle Eastern spices and citrus dressing

Four options cost £16.50 per person
Five options cost £19.80 per person
Six options cost £23.10 per person

Meat Selection

Crispy skin and black garlic glaze chicken skewers w shitake mushroom sauce GF

Dingley Dell pork & cheese sausage roll with homemade piccalilli

Lamb kofte with garlic & mint yoghurt GF

Beef ragout tagliatelle balls with marinara sauce GF 

Fish Selection

Miso-glazed salmon kebab, avocado cream & shichimi puffed quinoa GF 

Brandade on toast, green oil & parsley (GF available)

Smoked haddock, cheddar & leek tart 

Gravlax Chalk Stream trout, rocket, honey mustard dressing, pink pepper (GF available)

Vegan Selection

All items are VE

Glamorgan sausage with tomato relish GF 

Vegetable samosa with coconut yoghurt & tamarind sauce 

Tomato, spinach & pine nut filo rolls with basil & cashew cream 

Falafel, roast pepper w tzatziki GF

Vegetarian Selection

All items are V

Spinach & ricotta “sausage roll” GF

Squash & smoked cheese arancini with thyme mayo GF

Rosemary halloumi fries with garlic sauce GF

Asparagus, pecorino, picked red chilli tart

£28.50 per person

We can provide our buffet menu in your office as a one-off service. We'll take care of everything: from the logistics to the clearing-up after service.

Our signature lunches are a great way to celebrate key dates in the calendar, including Easter, Thai New Year and Thanksgiving. 

Click here to see this week's buffet menu.

£15.50 per bag

Order a freshly prepared box of top-notch food to take away. 

1 Freshly made sandwich
from our Deli sandwich weekly selection

(V, VE and GF Options available)

1 Snack pot
sweet or savoury

(V, VE and GF Options available)

1 Bag of Piper crisps GF
Flavours available: 
Cheese & onion 
Sea salt & cider vinegar
Sea salt
Sweet chilli

1 Fresh fruit VE GF


A minimum order of 30 portions for new clients. 

'Keep it simple' nibbles

£4.50 per person

Mixed marinated olives GF VE

Salty nuts (including peanuts, almonds, pecans) GF VE

Crisps GF VE

'Fancy' nibbles

£7.50 per person

Mixed marinated olives GF VE

Salt & spiced nuts GF VE

Crispy onion & cheese straws VE

Olive and sundried tomato biscotti V

'Oh-so-fancy' nibbles

£9.50 per person

Mixed marinated olives GF VE

Salt & spiced nuts GF VE

Black bomber and spinach muffins V

Mushroom and truffle puff pizzetta VE (GF available)

Cooked ham, mustard and artichoke crostini
(GF available)



£64 for each platter


Caprese skewers (cherry tomato, mozzarella, basil) V GF

Charcuterie selection (parma ham, salami finocchiona, bresaola) GF
Sundried tomato pesto V GF
Rocket salad (rocket, Parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette) V GF
Lemon marinate green olives V GF
Ciabatta bread VE


Red Leicester & black onion seed sausage roll 
Cheese & onion straw V
Pickled cocktail onion VE GF
Cornichons VE GF
Onion marmalade VE GF
Black Bomber cheese V GF
Quince jelly VE GF
1000 seeds cob VE
Watercress VE GF

Vegan seasonal platters: 

Spring-Summer menu: 1st April - 30th September

All Items VE

Summer Roll GF
Smoked cheese straw
Vegan Greek Salad GF
Roast pepper hummus GF
Mixed marinated olives GF
White sesame & black onion seed flatbread

Autumn-Winter Menu: 1st October - 31st March

All Items VE

Tomato & spinach Borek
Falafel GF
Hummus GF   
Vegan Tzatziki GF    
Glamorgan sausage GF
Sweet chilli GF
Olives GF
Seeded flatbread


Middle Eastern   

Spinach & feta filo pillow V

7 veg cous cous salad VE

Chermoula chicken kebab GF

Borani with marinated feta V GF

Zaalouk VE GF

Herby hummus VE GF

Ras el hanout flatbread VE


Vegetable samosa VE
Paneer tikka masala skewers V GF
Kosambari salad VE GF
Poppadom VE
Tamarind and date chutney VE GF
Kheera Raita V GF
Mango Chutney VE GF


 Gazpacho shots VE
 Chorizo doughnuts 
 Romesco dip VE GF
 Black garlic aioli V GF
 Tomaka VE GF
 Ciabatta VE (GF available)
 Serrano ham

£72.50 for each platter

Charcuterie & bread selection    

Selection of five locally sourced charcuterie meats, accompanied with:

-    Marinated olives VE
-    Bread selection VE (GF available)

Cheese Board  

Selection of British hard, soft, goat’s and blue cheeses, accompanied with:

-    Mixed crackers (GF melba toast)
-    Chutney, marmalade and honey V
-    Fruit & crudite’ VE GF

We can create special platters to celebrate key dates in your company's social calendar, whether it's for Halloween or Christmas.


6 Items per person for £19.50

8 Items per person for £26.50


Additional costs include a chef to cover thirty people or two chefs for forty people.


Spiced Duck, pickled cucumber, plum tamarind sauce, crispy wonton

Confit Free Range Chicken, pickled shimeji mushroom, black garlic mayo, sesame crispy skin

Confit lamb, mint yoghurt, pomegranate, and cucumber salsa, polenta chip GF


Chalk Stream trout, sesame, avocado crème, blue corn tostadas GF

Langoustine roll, shellfish mayo, Avruga caviar 

Millefeuille - Smoked salmon, capers cream cheese & lemon caviar


All dishes are V

Salt-roasted beetroot, marinated feta tartlet

Quinoa maki roll, wasabi mayo, pink ginger GF

Roquefort beignet, pomegranate, macadamia nut


All dishes are VE

Mushroom & chestnut parfait, Sumac fried shallot, candied walnut on crostini (GF Available)

Gazpacho shots, frozen cucumber, mint cress (GF Available) 

Tabbouleh in Red Endive leave, vegan mayo


Beef cheek nugget, truffle mayo, 
fried rosemary GF

Ascolana olive stuffed with beef and pork, lemon mayo, burnt tomato, oregano 


Confit potato, crab salad, pickled radish and fennel GF

Scallops, saffron cream and salmon roe GF


All dishes are V

Mini Baked potato, cheddar fondue, burnt tomato, thyme GF

Cheese & jalapeno quesadilla with golden salsa 


All dishes are VE

Homemade falafel, roast pepper hummus, marinated olive GF

Korean fried cauliflower, gochujang dip

Caramel apple dauphinoise with calvados cream VE GF

Mini mud pies V

Cherry Portuguese tarts VE

Raspberry, lime and coconut tacos VE

Cocoa nib tiramisu bites V GF

Peach schnapps and almond filo tart VE

Dark chocolate and rum truffles V GF

Basil and mango macaroons V GF

Lemon sherbet crepes V

Strawberry elderflower profiteroles V

Chocolate and walnut dacquoise V GF 


Pop ups

£18.50 per person

For all our pop up's, there is a minimum order of forty people. A minimum of two chefs are required for every event at an additional cost.

Here's what we can offer: 

GF, V and VE options are available

Pasta pop

Taco station

Ramen bar

Dirty hot dog

Poke Bar

Mac & cheese

Greek Gyros



A fun food experience where employees can choose their own nacho combination.

All items are GF

1. Choose your nacho:

- Plain VE
- Hot & Spicy VE

2. Choose your cheese:

- Grated cheddar V
- Grated Monterrey V
- Vegan smoked cheese VE

3. "Meaty" toppings:

- Chilli con carne
- Carnitas pulled pork
- Vegan chilli con carne VE
- Pulled chicken
- BBQ pulled mushrooms VE

4. Salsa & sauce selection:

- Guacamole VE
- Sour cream V
- Pico de Gallo VE
- Corn salsa VE
- Mango salsa VE
- Sliced jalapenos VE
- Nacho cheese sauce V
- Hot sauce VE

BBQ pulled beef Burger with baby gem, crispy shallot, BBQ sauce (GF available)

Gochujang glaze chicken, pickled slaw and siracha mayo (GF available)

Fish burger w/baby gem and homemade tartar sauce (GF available)

Falafel Burger w/grilled halloumi baby gem, roast peppers and hummus mayo (GF available)

Mushroom steak burger with lettuce, tomatoes and black garlic vegan mayo VE  (GF available)

Served with:

Coleslaw V GF
Grilled corn V GF (VE available) 
Spicy potato wedges VE
Onion rings VE


Mayo V GF
Ketchup VE GF

American mustard VE GF
Thousand island sauce V GF
BBQ sauce  VE GF
Homemade tartar sauce V GF


Here are three stories about some of the suppliers we source our ingredients from:



All our quinoa is British grown (usually sourced from Peru) and comes from Hodmedod’s who have received the BBC Food & Farming Awards for Best Food Producer. They have a set few farms they work with, so it’s a very transparent supply chain. We also source other ingredients from them.

Dingley Dell 

Our pork comes from Dingley Dell, who are RSPCA Assured and use heritage breeds.

Rookery Farm 

We source our eggs directly from Rookery Farm, an organic free range family enterprise based in Sussex.



The nitty-gritty information you need to know before making an order.

We have an extensive vegan menu and can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. Please let us know if you have specific requirements when you place your order.

To guarantee your order is fulfilled:

  • All orders must be placed 72 hours in advance by 12PM (Monday - Friday)

  • In the instance of a last-minute booking, orders may be fulfilled dependent on availability and at the chef’s discretion

  • Orders for Monday must be placed by the previous Wednesday

  • Any amendments to orders must be made by 12 PM the day before and would be subject to availability

  • Minimum head count and spend apply 


  • We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies and have recorded when menu items contain any of the 14 named EU allergens as an ingredient

  • Please speak to the hospitality team onsite who can provide you with this information and may be able to help you choose an alternative

  • As food allergens are present in the kitchen, there is a small risk that traces of these may be found in other dishes served here


  • Please give us 72 hours’ notice of any cancellations

  • Fooditude’s full T&C’s apply to all event bookings

  • Please contact our events team with any questions regarding our events menu: [email protected] or call us on 020 7732 1858.